Providing a new, updated and fresh look for one of Israel's most trusted and longstanding brands in cosmetics and grooming. In creating the brand language we used an exclamation mark as a central image that appears on all product series. The use of this striking image helps to sharpen the message of innovation. It also uses a limited color palette, which gives the brand an air of subtlety, simplicity and elegance in order to differentiate its identity on the shelf, while providing an immediate distinction for Careline products. Research indicates a significant growth, reflected in both sales and brand image since the re-branding process .

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Philippe: 054-4437470 | Dikla: 054-5430821

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NEO GROUP | 18 Yam Suf St. Jaffa Tel-Aviv | 03-6819992

Philippe Boulakia | 054-4437470 |

Dikla Robinson | 054-5430821 |

נאוגרופ | ים סוף 18, תל אביב יפו | 03-6819992

פיליפ בולקיה | 054-4437470 |

דקלה רובינסון | 054-5430821 |

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