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The rules of the game have changed.

In the past, the value of an organization was determined on the basis of its tangible assets, but today, many of the leading corporations in the market draw the major part of their assets, and sometimes all their assets, from their brand identity.

This identity is created in the consciousness of the individual and of the community as a result of the unceasing day-to-day contact that the organization maintains with its target audience via all channels of communication.

In order  to successfully manage multi-channel communications while still  maintaining a consistent and concrete dialogue with a range of target audience, the corporation must create its own language and rules of communication that distinguish the corporation and guide all its relationships.


Leading brands are myths that have the power to convey a clear, relevant, convincing and exciting message, via a wide range of means of communication and media, to different types of key audiences. In other words- are myths. Man needs myths. Every myth compasses values that endow it with an eternal and meaningful dimension for man's brief tempestuous life and gives him a sense of security and belonging.

Today- when the traditional systems of support (religion, community and family) are losing their influence, when interests are taking the place of community commitment, when personal freedom is growing and with it, the individual's responsibility for his own life, when man stands alone, facing vast and anonymous systems- today, more than ever before, he needs a group to belong to, he needs an entity to identify with and to afford him confidence in his decisions.

Hence, the values of the brand are the individual's point of connection with the brand.

Branding is a systematic and creative process whose purpose is to enhance the growth of an organization or product by means of a unique and powerful myth that has the ability to penetrate and touch man's soul.


Neo Group is a multidisciplinary team that specializes in creating, developing and supporting strong powerful brands which become administrative and strategic tools in the hands of the client, clearly and deliberately propelling their business toward their goals and generating tangible profits.


For more than thirty years, we have been offering services to a wide range of clients in the fields of consumerism, retailing, technology, high-tech and national institutions.

We help them improve their performance, strengthen their market position and increase their brand assets and profitability.

Through innovative methodology and full cooperation, we take our clients on a journey that leads them to the discovery and realization of their business potential.


Our multidisciplinary staff includes highly experienced and renowned professionals in the areas of branding, marketing, design, production and digital media. Each staff member brings their own unique skills to the group and enables us to offer our clients a complete synergetic process for the formulation and production of an energetic, innovative and influential brand.


Our spirit is team spirit. The source of our energy is an uncompromising belief that in order to create innovative concepts we must motivate ourselves and our clients to look beyond the conventional, beyond what is, toward what could be.

Philippe Boulakia | CEO, NEO GROUP





Philippe: 054-4437470 | Dikla: 054-5430821

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