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NEO GROUP | 26 Elifelet St. Tel-Aviv | 03-6819992

Philippe Boulakia | 054-4437470 | philippe@neogroup.co.il

Dikla Robinson | 054-5430821 | dikla@neogroup.co.il

נאוגרופ | אליפלט 26, ת"א | 03-6819992

פיליפ בולקיה | 054-4437470 | philippe@neogroup.co.il

דקלה רובינסון | 054-5430821 | dikla@neogroup.co.il

Brand identity for a new Sushi restaurant in Tel-Aviv. The Kai concept is based on the brand promise: real fresh sushi. Just like sushi itself, the entire design is based on simplicity and Japanese estheticism, together with authentic images of life in Tokyo and Japan. The combination of the two creates an up-to-date look and promotes the concept of "running sushi" – clean and fresh, modern and fashionable, quick and healthy.